Saturday, May 9, 2009

My memme.........

I love u. I love u the most. U'v been everything to me. My great memme, U can do wonders. U r an idol f patience n tolerance. Kno wat? Wat fears me most is, U can easily guess n read my mind. I can never see u sad. Wen i do mischieves, ur silence wil prove the greatest punishment. U'r my friend memme, to discuss my problems with, very dearly. I sometimes laugh, recalling the way u listen patiently, to my long speeches f even the utter useless thing done, everyday. U'v been my guide always, except fr my "careless mistakes". My memme, the ways u'v overcome problems in life have layed a strong inspiration to me.

I owe my life to u... Love u always.. :)

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