Saturday, July 21, 2012

Potato Wedges

Wedges are always on our menu when we have pizzas. Being such a certain choice, i wanted to try it out at home. I browsed through web and finally designed as per my spice preferences. It came out lip smacking though! And here is the recipe i followed:

Potatoes (1/4 KG)
Oil for frying
Rice floor (1 Cup)
Garlic (one medium sized)
Salt, Pepper powder, Chilly powder, Amchur powder (as per taste)
Garam Masala (Optional)
  • Cut each potato without peeling it off into 8-12 pieces longitudinally. Boil them in cooker with a little sea salt till the pressure is raised and put it off the fire. They should not get mashed up.
  • Add a few spoons of heated oil to the rice floor. It ensures crispness of the outer layer of wedges, when done. Take a little rice flour or all purpose flour and mix with water till a little flowy in consistency.
  • Add salt, pepper, very little of chilly powder and amchur powder. If you want it to be more spicy, add a little garam masala.
  • Juice the garlic cloves. either mash it using a thick spoon, or crush it in a mixer. Just be cautious that only its juice is added to the batter. 
  • Add a little Dehydrated or fresh Rosemary to the batter.
  • Heat the oil and deep fry those potato pieces till golden brown, after dipping them in the batter. 
  • Drain excess oil on an absorbent paper.
  • These wedges taste great with tomato ketchup.
Note: The batter around the potatoes should never be very thick or they may become soggy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Find your reason to live

We’re all bewitched with happiness. We’re totally amused when happiness engulfs us. At the moment, all the sorrow vanishes and we’ll be in a state of bliss. But, like other emotions, happiness is also not permanent. Though we won’t be willing to accept it, sooner or later the balloon of “All is well” bursts up into mystified sorrow.

This is actually a cycle which keeps repeating itself in anyone’s life about which everyone keeps complaining. But, this time, I actually gave it a deep thought. We always feel emotions. That means, emotions actually doesn’t exist all the time. We feel, and any emotion is just a state of mind. That implies, though we are in a tight and tedious situation, we can still be happy or at least not worry, by controlling our state of mind. I know that it just looks simple.  And it’s terribly tough to bring it into vogue. But when a small disturbance can spoil all the happiness or the bliss that surrounds us, why can’t it happen the other way round? Why can’t we feel calm when in fix, or when we think that we’re totally jinxed?

Life is a bitch. Agreed. It never gives an impeccable choice for any person to be in only one kind of position in life’s game. The position keeps changing. But when life has all reasons to make us feel sad, ideally it should have at least one good reason to make us feel light hearted, and thereby make us be happy.
There might be thousand reasons to pull your mood down. But there somewhere will surely be a reason which is why we can still lift up our moods, which accurately is the reason to thrive good even in midst of dwindling hopes, from simply being gloomy unnecessarily.

Find that one reason, find that one spark in you, find that one sole reason which refrains you from feeling down……… and you will have all the strength to slog on, for the rest of life without complaining. it may be a person, an unforgettable moment, an achievement, or might even be an inspiring song!

 People say that its the easiest to dig into oneself :)  So,  Happy digging in to "YOU'! Find your reason to always keep that smile on!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

"EEga" - The revenge of a reincarnated life!!

Wanted to watch “Eega” movie since all the promos started rolling. One reason was that it has Sudeep in its casting and another being the weird story of a house fly taking revenge on him. Expectations were a little less since usually the movies that give a lot of hype fail to meet up to them. Titles start with “Katha Chaptaanannaav” from a little girl to a father…. And the story begins..
Sudeep is a bad boy in the story who resorts to unfair means to get his business on rolling and who is also a playboy who firmly believes he can make any girl fall for him except his wife who refused to write her property to his name and finally had died mysteriously. He meets Bindu (Samanta) who works for an NGO and likes her. But she doesn’t fall for him, owing to her love towards Nani. When Sudeep realizes that she won’t even realize that he’s trying to make her fall for him, he kills Nani and makes it look like an accident.  Nani is reborn as a house fly and owes to take revenge on Sudeep and threatens to kill him.
Now, the whole crux of the story lies in how the fly kills him.
It’s a movie which will keep you curious until the end. It’s technically an awesome movie with the entire graphically created house fly and its tricks to make the villain’s life miserable.
The -falling in love- part of the movie is something which everyone can relate to, and the fun when the fly torments the villain is hilarious. Till now we, Kannadigas have watched other languages being used in Kannada movies, for a change, in this one, you get to hear Kannada dialogues by Sudeep. And obviously that gives you a sense of pride. Everyone in it have given their best but, it‘s the technical work in the movie that secures rank one. Sudeep has proven his acting abilities again. There is a tremendous improvement in Samanta’s acting too.
Note: Please do not get up and go when the movie seems to have finished, or you will miss 5more minutes of fun part that’s in queue after the ‘Eega’ song.