Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OOooh! My pyaare nails'r gone!!

This sunday I woke up wid high-held enthu that I'l learn to play keyboard frm now. It ws dilightin to think abt playin wat I'd adored since my childhood. Though I'd bought one, before an yr frm my desertation stypend, I couldn play it. Now I can put my keyboard to work. The first class started wid great hurry coz i ws late! But alas!! I couldn play it fast n my tutor suggested that i should'v my long nails cut, to play the chopsticks faster. I said to myself, a lot f times fr assurin myself that nothin's gonna happen, i'v to jst cut my nails. Or i'd to give up idea f learnin it quick. Aftr sunday's clas, all I'd to do ws practice chopsticks wid my neatly and tidely cut nails. Loosin my so-sweet grown nails ws not at al seemin a gud idea. Tutor'd told that I couldn evn'v flat-long grown ones also. Then i took a lot f last snaps f my pyaare nails n sat to cut them... :( N then an idea flashed.. Since my first clas demanded playin only wid my right hand, I let my left's nails stay... Only that soothed me aftr cuttin my right ones. I kno dat one mst b thinkin that its a silly idea to put a post abt my nails into blog. I ws once upon a time using contact lens and then switched back to spectacles jst coz my nails'd to b cut to put lenses on. I gues one can understand the depth f my luv to my nails wen i say this, right? Hmmmmm.. cant help anyways, my nails'r gone!! wel, I'd learn gradually to play chopsticks wid my long nails.. Wish me al th bst! thats al I need now... :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


ಮಂದ ಕವಿದ ಮುಸುಕಿನಡಿ,
ನಡೆಯುವಾಗಬೀಸುತಿಹ ತಂಗಾಳಿಯ ಹದ
ಕಿರುಬೆರಳ ತುದಿಯ ತಾಕಿ
ಹಿಂದೆ ಹೋದ
ಅಲೆಗೆನಾ, ಕನವರಿಕೆಯೆನ್ನಲೋ , ನೀನೆನ್ನಲೋ?....