Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Missing Column

I saw u everywhere Urmi! All around me. I saw u in the kitchen; I saw u in the dining hall, near the cupboard n near the fire. I felt cheer after being with u, wen i'd hurriedly come frm office to join u. U were the only one who had been with me fr such a long time. Miss ur mischief.

One fine day, u'd brought a large troop f friends and created a big fuss while i wasn't there. yet i kept quiet. Because i wanted to be with you, i wanted to have u with me and.... that i loved u Urmi...
But why did u leave me alone Urmi? Wasn't i kind to u? I never punished nor hurt u. Yet u left me Urmi.... U ran off with 'Your Boy' in the next street n u never returned back to me. Shadows engulfed u both, leaving just the memories behind..

Still i do wait fr u in a hope that u'd return n be with me in my home again.. Remember the way we were friends, u catched n killed many rodents after all. But after u're gone, i'm troubled by rats again Urmi! No shirt of mine is free from the 'Big Bite' of atleast a small ratty. Hence i miss u, MY DEAR CAT URMI.....! Get back to ur old master soon.

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