Monday, June 24, 2013

Hot n Sour Chinese Soup

It’s no herculean task. I was always happy with knor hot n sour veg soup and had never even thought of giving it a try. After some research, I got to know that its much more easier and cheaper when prepared at home. Filled with nutrition, it turned out to be a first time hit when done!

Needed: (Serves 2)

Finely chopped:
Onions - 1 tbsp, 
Spring Onions- 2 tsp,
Garlic - 3 tsp,
Beans - 1 tbsp,
Capsicum - 3 tsp,
Carrot - 2 tsp,
Green chilly – 1-2 tsp (according to its pungency),
Cabbage - 1 tbsp,
Leeks (optional, I did not use) - 2 tsp ,
Coriander (only if you have liking towards coriander flavor, otherwise, skip it) - ½ tsp.

Chilly powder - ½ tsp
Pepper powder- ½ tsp
Sugar - ¼ tsp
Soy sauce/ All in one Chinese sauce - 1 tbsp
Cooking oil (I used Olive oil) - about 2 tsp
Water - about 600 ml
Corn flour - 3 tsp mixed well without lumps in cold water


Heat oil in a pan and add garlic, sauté for a minute. Then add onions, sauté for a minute. Add all other veggies and sauté for 3 minutes. Add sauce and required salt. After 1-2 minutes, add water, chilly powder, pepper powder, sugar and bring to boil. Finally add corn flour mixture after simmering the boiling soup. Leave for 2 minutes and the hot n sour soup is ready to serve with a yum Chinese flavor rising aromatically!!

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