Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pink:Movie Review

It takes a nerve to make a movie which exactly represents the life of this generation. Major cities have been income magnets to attract a majority of learned women into them. Either due to lack of opportunity or due to lucrative income and scope of work, educated women land up in larger cities. And they mingle with everyone with an open mind and adjust to new lives with new compromises, and new routines, scaling their necessities up and down.
This movie is an eye-opener for people with prejudices for women. Also a representative of how uncalculated risks can go sore. Knowingly or unknowingly, many of us in Indian society very soon brand women by their social appearance and behaviour. We hold up so-called "Values" and brandish the rules against women quickly to demean them and to make conclusive opinions about them.
The ladies in this movie get caught in an assault case. Pink is more about how they tackle the situation, more than how they tackle the case. While we all expect the final verdict to be made, the way in which Amitabh Bachchan handles the case and argues is a worth watch. And of course, you will get to know that self-defense is a valid and a must to do when in distress.
The narrative is captivating and the screenplay. Kudos to Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, writer Ritesh Shah and the team to have made a movie which is a must watch by not just pinks, but also mustached blues. Bottomline is, "It's a no when a girl tells a no. Try to persuade, and you rot beneath your own soul; be it anyone. A stranger, a friend, girlfriend or be it your own wife".

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