Friday, August 26, 2011

Aarakshan- A Review

It clued that it could rain. Heavy, sweet and moisture laden winds were blowing on the evening of my birthday. My parents doubted if we could come back from banashankari to nagarbhavi to take them to dine as planned. And my hubby's parents also weren't willing to come since they had had a long roaming day till then already. At the dusty-windy Mysore road signal, two of us dicided to go to the nearest mall, Gopalan archade for some movie. Selected Aarakshan coz we were very curious about the star cast and trailors. I was unaware that aarakshan meant reservation. And thus the whole theme was a surprise since i had not even read its review anywhere.

Movie tries to unveil the aftermaths of reservation which was extended to other backward classes during 2008. Prakash Jha has been succesful in appending the debate on both sides of the issue. But the movie shifts to more personal turn when it slides to only "Tabela School v/s KK coaching centre" side of it. The former is portrayed as a solution to teachers who take private tutions & do injustice to their courses offered in colleges. Films builds a lot of hope that it may take a stance in case of reservation but at the end it goes offgaurd from its sharpness.

No song is very impressive and the first one is totally out of place. But yet the movie is worth watching. May be in few circumstances, you'l feel yourself drawn into the conversations and start thinking outside the conservative mind, irrespective of whichever stance you take. The movie suggests that only equality in education could bring backward classes to the main stream and only after that the "total competitive era free of quotas" could start.

But a million dollar question is, Where, when and how does the purely competitive line begin. The movie is rightly subtitled, India v/s India. Its a debate yet to go on till competitive era begins. Backward classes say that they are downtrodden, underprevileged and thats why they deserve quota, and majority communities say its harsh on them to keep watching less deserving candidates clinch their growth due to quota.

Do not just watch it only as a movie. We still may say that now there is no much difference between the socio economic status of all communities. But there are classes which have not been let to grow, in many parts of our country yet. Thats what the film focuses about. I would rather say in a sentence, "Aarakshan is a nice material to debate upon, irrespective of stances or for a skeptic mind play too. Dont miss it".

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