Monday, June 8, 2015

Simply ban Maggi or cry out “Foul” louder!

Maggi is off the racks in all retail stores of India with #MaggiBan. If more than permitted MSG and lead could do it to Maggi, have we widened our eyes enough to recognize the flawed quantities of heavy metals, harmful germs or carcinogenic chemicals being added unintentionally to our own food prepared at home?

Aginomoto is a powder researched to cause cancer on long term usage and we use aginomoto to enhance flavor while frying Gobi manchuri. Lead finds its simplest way to our belly when we consume fried hot pakodas or bajji right from the old news papers which are majorly used to patt off the excess oil instead of kitchen towels. Trans-fats are condensed when the oil is reused again and again for frying. These trans-fats are associated with an increase in the free-radical oxidation which is associated with higher incidence of cancer. One can’t calculate the amount of contagion possibility when the Golgappawala smashes potatoes by merely jogging on them.

Crowding food in fridge with less space between the containers can actually accelerate microbial growth if the bits of food mix together. Wash thoroughly before you cut fruits and veggies since the rind could have easily harbored potential pathogens which will be transferred through knife when you cut them right through without proper washing.

Many of us taste that little portion to check the edibility of a stale food in a corner of fridge. Tasting even a small amount of a spoilt food can still prove very dangerous. Putting cooked meat back on a plate that held the uncooked meat can still spread germs from uncooked meat.

Always cook eggs thoroughly. Avoid foods that contain raw or undercooked eggs which may contain Salmonella or other harmful bacteria. So, avoid eating raw cookie dough to check taste.

Microwave cooking fastens the cooking process and is a preferred way of cooking in the competent world with busy life. What we oversee are the plastic containers which are used for reheating or cooking which contain cancer causing substances which can enter food when food is cooked. We don’t seem to be aware that plastic covers to cover foods are also equally dangerous. These acts may cause biomagnification and prove dangerous in long run. Instead, we need to use only glass containers to microwave.

Hence, kindly be aware of the hazards which are far near than the yellow packs of Nestle Maggi piled on the shelves of supermarket.

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