Monday, June 22, 2015

ABCD2: Movie review

The movie is pure dance and a story woven just for the sake of dance. But for those who possess that dance element in them, this movie gives them the required adrenaline rush to dance more with all their heart. Based on the motto, “We dance to express, not to impress”, dance score well above all other elements of the movie. Adding Dee, Olive, keeping a few lines from ABCD (Bezubaan phirse mein rahaa) and its dance, a similar dance to Ganpathi bappa morya make us relate to the first one and rejoice.

It’s a jovial movie made for youthful minds and for dance lovers. Movie is best watched in 3D since many scenes are built for its 3D effects which you may regret if you watch in 2D version.

A few sequences are hilarious and keep the light mood up. Rest is all dances. Enjoy a full-fledged dance version of a small and real storyline of a dance group called “fictious”.

Its biggest drawback lies in its climax. For people who have watched ABCD, it’s a huge disappointment. For the kind of ending that is expected would be far more bold than the one choreographed here. Hence the movie leaves you with very less impact. But to mention, it is a must watch for dance lovers.

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