Monday, February 9, 2015

Baby - Bold and Underlined- Must watch

It was obvious I was weighing my possibilities of writing on such a high profile patriotic movie and I got my eyes glued on to NDTV-Baby review. I was amazed to find two stars for it and I happened to read the whole article. I could just not comprehend as to where our media is heading. If this movie can't get a 4+ rating, then nothing can make it.

It is not just a melodrama of a story teller imagining things from a wonderland and narrating the bewildered open heart audience in a gold decorated platter with all its might. It needs the story to stick to reality as much possible and yet film an entertainer. Your chest becomes wider with pride about Indian Intelligence Agencies when you discover the difficulties that are overcome, master plans laid out and executed without even caring for their lives in reality. Risks apart, the Indian Bureaucratic System underlines all possible troubles when it comes to executing terrorists. Same painted information glorifying media will cry for months if an operation fails to hit only on target. What is forgotten to elaborate is the heroic efforts behind each nullified terrorist attack.

Here is a movie which is made to show audience what happens behind a casual headline, "Suspected Terrorist Arrested" -flashing for half a day in news channel when flipping on to change one entertainment channel to another. Here is a movie hinting about those heroes who will be known only when their survivors are awarded on Amar Jawan's bravery. Here is a movie which compels kids to think how the BABY kind of team is formed and what it takes to be one of them. Here is a movie which has dared to slap when someone unknowingly talks about martyrs lightly. Here is a movie screened so well that you will be propelled from an inner force to sit on the edge of the chair and watch what might happen next. Here is a movie which you can hear people coming from theater telling that the movie was awesome and boosted their hearts with pride.

As the counter terrorism strategist (Firoz Ali Khan starred by Danny Denzongpa) rightly puts it, "We've not won by stopping few terror attacks. There could be many more. People who are helping terrorists are kids from our own country. Until terrorists succeed in seeding Religion and Jihaad in them, they are winners, and we're still a failure".

Ring the word INDIAN before the word RELIGION. That is the only savior perhaps.

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