Sunday, December 21, 2014

PK – Movie Review

He comes from a world which we don’t even know that it exists. He gets robbed off his only possession which could take him back home. Alone on a completely new land, he searches for God which people say could get his lost gadget back. The only bewilderment he nurtures on earth is existence of the creator, the belief that the people have in God as the only solver of their problems.

Like a new born child who has been dropped on earth in a grownup form, he struggles to adjust to ways of adulthood, adultery and contradicting religious beliefs. He explores ways to be heard by God only to leave him even more confused and feeling unheard. Every religion has its own customs, own ways to have proven for enlightenment or problem solving. Every Masiha, or every Godman have their own partial judgments about other religions.

PK sees his gadget with a principal antagonist Tapaswi Maharaj, a religious guru. He tries to recover it by claiming that it is his property but his try goes in vain. He then meets Jagatjanani, a media journalist whom he trusts and narrates his whole story to. She helps him come to media to get his gadget. During his search with his child like innocence he invokes questioning

and reasoning in India about God.

This movie doesn’t negate beliefs but questions them sensibly. It doesn’t strike a wrong chord for religious sentiments but asks them to relook for a firmer base. Wrong number concept is awesome and that is where the viewer connects so much with the movie.

This’s a movie with humor and black humor both. This high dose emotion intensive comic drama is sure to satiate all Amir fan’s hunger for something new, something sensible and a reason for rejoice. After a long gap director Rajkumar Hirani has made a grand comeback through this flick. By the time the movie ends, you will strongly feel that you have lived the movie than have merely watched it.

Happy PK watching!

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