Thursday, February 23, 2012



There is nostalgia when you’ve to stay up most of the night for the rituals a few days before marriage. But all the tiresomeness vanishes the moment you are put in limelight (since crave for publicity is a human tendency :) ). The sweetest thing is the dream that you pile up about the after married life. It might be the only dream that unknowingly keeps you awake during nights in anticipation of the good days to come. All the family members insist you to take more rest than taking any responsibilities; they kindle you for being in rosy dreams all the time, so, basically its time when you see everything in the world revolves around you. Even the dirtiest traffic will turn with all its positive things to a rhythmic music and mesmerizing carbon monoxide’s artistic escape from vehicles into the wind.

The happiest public moment  ;)  in married life is their marriage itself. It feels like it’d be great if people had annual marriage ritual. Given an opportunity, we would definitely marry every year in different customs and styles. Its basically so nice to see all relatives and friends happy about the ceremony. They wish you and bless you, tell secret things of their knowledge about the couple’s childhood. And basically there’s a huge gathering where the couple is crowned the king and queen of the ceremony.


Its been an year since r marriage!!

And, we’re so happy about it.
Being in each other's arms, when we think of all the past moments of our marriage, its not just an event, but a lifetime sweetest memory for us!!

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