Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Why Did I Like Veere Di Wedding

Below the belt talk O..M..G..! Ladies messing around with their lives? No No No. How can girls be themselves amidst everyone? 
- One can enjoy a movie only if your mind is free from these so called taboos.

This movie stands apart from core brand feminist flicks by keeping a sensible story line hemmed with intimate talk. 

Kalindi has seen her parents quarreling constantly and has no faith in marriage. For a girl who is brought up with an independent mindset, it comes as a crashing challenge on her personality to bear with the relationship pressures of the groom's family during the wedding.
Sakshi is a free spirit that's hard to be contained by her husband. She's having trouble calling the relationship an end.
Meera isn't having a smooth-running marriage either.
Avni is sort of desperate for marriage but is a divorce lawyer and is afraid to get into a relationship. Her mom constantly tries to find her marriage alliance and they somehow never workout for Avni.

Movie reaches its crescendo towards the interval and sadly, second half slows down its tempo.
This thin story line is woven with values passed on by their parents and how their family is put before their ego. 

Gang of girls who have been together since their childhood, meet again as Kalindi's (Kareena) wedding is fixed.

However sensible men are, this movie might still seem a not so appealing movie for them. Take your best buds with you is my advice!!

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