Friday, December 8, 2017

When The Dearest Disappears

Death is a mere word for those who aren't affected
Affected are the only people who bequeath,
Not the treasure that the dead have left behind
Nor the land, or the glittering gold that lies,
It is the behest what affects you
And the passed on nonpareil.
You strive to touch their feat;
the height they achieved during their life,
Immortal height that can be measured
Only by impact they have had;
the impact they behest on lives
Of people who live around.

One lives only in memories
After the life is called for a purpose, for sure;
but what stays here is the tale to tell
And a legacy that you can carry;
It's clear that legacies are immeasurable tangibly;
they show the tale, they show the goodness and their values,
that the ones who can carry ahead,
Should be proud to carry on and live on,
Live on like the dearest is still seeing us,
Like we must pass on, adding some more;
Some more to the real treasure that is left behind!

Picture Credit: internet

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