Saturday, April 30, 2016


So many things running through my mind;
My work, my life; the things that I left past me;
Those happenings that bothered me
And might haunt for times to come
I'm awoken from sleep
Though I wanted to see a late Sun
Bothered by dreams and bothered by thoughts
I try to brush them off
But fail to ward off the creepiness they cast
I wonder what woke me up
Is it just to make me realise
Matters that seemed important then
Isn't of surmount bother now?
I sit next to your sleepyhead
See into your eyes & your lips
The little stubs that have grown over days
Happily asleep like an innocent child
And I feel all content suddenly
This is what I wanted from life
No complaints & no blames
The one only filled with unconditional love
Yes, that's what I wanted; What I have now,
Love you for the calm that you emanate
And love the tranquil that casts on me always.

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