Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Eternal Bonding

I wonder why he scolds me when I disobey her.
I wonder why she cries when I am rude to him.
I wonder what makes them stay together;
Though their only claim defends their love is long gone.
I wonder why he orders food for all of us on her birthday;
Though he never wishes her himself.
I wonder why he passes her calls of wish;
Though they never celebrate their anniversary;
I wonder why she tries to perfect her cuisine;
Though he points out some reconsideration every time;
I wonder why she takes care of him;
Though I see them blaming each other with others;
I wonder what has made them stick together;
Till the expanse of the horizon;
That which has kept them united for all these years;
That which opposes when someone tries to defame the other;
That which makes them care about the other;
If this is not love; what else would you call that bonding?

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