Friday, January 16, 2015

The Mahabharatha Secret : Christopher C Doyle

The long erased scientific knowledge from the epic of Mahabharata stands out as an adrenaline rushing thriller. There is this artfully woven story of secret brotherhood that existed since 2300years, since the time of the Emperor- Asoka the great who dates to have ruled between 304-232 BC.

Mahabharata, more than a mythology, is a mystery unsolved. This is since there are lot of verses which could be deciphered in more than one way. Mahabharata was first documented after 500 BC, after generations of passing on its verses verbally. And through passing time, no one can deny the possibility about the old verses omitted and the new verses added when Mahabharata is re-chanted and rewritten innumerable times through various authors whose intellect would be unique from others. Yet Mahabharata connects Asian history to a point where you have found artifacts which have served as evidences to elevate Mahabharata from mere Mythology to a documented history.

This novel connects those loose ends that what if all the cutting edge technology that they have mentioned in the historic epic is true?How can we conclude that if we do not know a technology that's there in the epic, they were no intellect than us now? What if there still lies an untold secret deep within the layers of earth that is valid till date? What if that secret is of immense knowledge and can decide the dwelling, construction or destruction on earth?

Vikram Singh, nephew of the head of a secret brotherhood goes en route Asoka's edicts to unveil the mystery behind the clues that his uncle left for him just before his death. If there is hidden knowledge, its always hidden only to keep its misusers at bay. A terrorist organization also tries to findout the age old mythical weapon to rule over mankind. And the stupefying quench for a historical possession begins.

Hardly difficult to keep off from reading once resumed, this book provides you with the knowledge about Indian History as well. So, pick it up, read it, and then try and separate facts from woven story around facts!!

Ah! What a novel!A knowledge giving thriller though!

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