Monday, September 10, 2012

Raaz 3

I wanted to book tickets for Sunday evening’s show and by mistake, I booked it for Saturday. Who could be happy to sit silent for 2 ½ hours, especially when you have time for your spouse only from Saturday evening till the dawn of Monday. This review could have that Judaai influence too :) , no humours ;)

3D Roaches crouch on u in Raaz 3... If u wanna get scared here n there, with a predictable storyline and a little mayhem of fear, and have a long patience to sustain a 2.5 hrs f an over stretched story, one can watch it. 

Bipasha is an overconfident A grade actress who looses best actress award consequently to her competitor turned half sister Esha Gupta. All the belief that she had on God vanishes and she surrenders to black magic on Esha and owes to torture her with the help of gratitude fed Imran Hashmi, a director, who, as predicted, falls anguishly in lust with Esha and then realizes that he's in love with her, and not with Bipasha anymore. Imran then helps Esha to overcome the blackmagic casted on her.
3D work is good wherever Esha is black magic-spelled. Finally, Bipasha dies and Esha survives.

The biggest mistake in it..... Nameless acid kept in plastic bottle! how gud is that! All that we'd seen was acids being kept carefully in thick gauged glass bottle in biochem labs..

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