Saturday, August 4, 2012

Custard Biscuit Pudding

Custard is one thing which I like to consume, in either warm or cold form. I googled for custard recipes n finally remixed custard biscuit pudding cake from to make my own pudding.
Its a quick & easy recipe, can be consumed warm or chilled too. I couldn't resist till its chilled. I just started munching one stack of biscuit pudding the moment its assembling was done. Warm taste was awesome too :) 
Its a must try for all custard lovers :)

Custard - 1 ½  tbsp (Vanilla flavour)
Milk- 250ml (5stacks can be creamed with this)
Sugar- As per taste- I used 3 tbsp
Ghee- 1 tsp
Biscuits- 4 per stack.
Banana/Apple thin slices - 3 per stack 
Instant Coffee Powder (Bru)/ Filtered Coffee Decoction
A little chocolate syrup/Boost/ Bournvita powder

Add custard powder to few spoons of cold Milk and dissolve till it’s a smooth paste without lumps. Place a thick bottomed container on low flame and boil the remaining milk with added sugar. Keep stirring intermittently. Add the milk dissolved with custard to the boiling milk and continue to stir constantly. The custard will start thickening. Add ghee to the mixture at this stage. Continue cooking till it becomes a thick paste of creamy consistency. Switch off fire and allow it cool down to room temperature.

Place a slice of fruit on the biscuit and spread custard generously over it. For the next layer, dip the biscuit for a second in 2-3 spoons of coffee decoction and repeat the process of stacking one above the other. 4 layers’d be just fine. Top layer would not require fruit slice. I used Britannia Marie Gold for the base and top layer, and used 2 Britannia Vita Marie Gold for the layers in middle. On the top layer, sprinkle a little boost powder and instant coffee powder. Refrigerate for 2-3 hrs and enjoy the yum taste of custard biscuit pudding. 

Note: If you’re using rectangle biscuits like Parle-g or Krack jack you can lay four or six biscuits in one layer and make it appear like a cake.  

Here is its variant with Parle G Biscuits..

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