Monday, October 3, 2011

I too had a love story

I was longing to pen this down since i read the novel by Ravinder Singh, a Techie from profession. Its more an experience than a novel. There are novels which build lot of curiosity and keep you reading through them till the end, many of them are quotable among fictious and thriller story line. But this one speaks only about an innocent love, the author who went through a cenematic experience and could find an author in him because of his silence in life. Reader cant hide his smile and is sure to feel happy for the author and be a part of his celebration during the book and be sad while reading its last part.

The story starts with the reunion of three of author's best buddies who later discuss the topic "marriage" for the first time, decide on checking out their luck through a matrimonial portal. The author Ravin gets in touch with Khushi in and they fall in love. It takes quiet a long time for them to meet each other in person owing to their long distance. 

This paragraph describes their first meet
And there she was!
My angel, my beautiful one.
Her smile which tried to override my senses. That chilling hesitation in her, and in me. Her long untied hair that fell upon her eyes with a gust of wind. Her hand moving across her face, and moving her hair behind her left ear. Her left ear, and the glittering silver earring she was wearing. Her beatiful face, which mesmerized me...
and then there is celebration everywhere in air. Their families meet to discuss about their engagement.

It will make your eyes wet when Khushi meets with an accident, just before 2 days of their engagement. The author rushes to her place.
This is his peice of conversation with the doctor at a point where she's shifted to another hospital, when the former lost hopes that they can retrieve her from fast approaching death.
I was silent for a while. Then, in a shaking voice, I asked her (the doctor), "Can you save my love?"

"God will help us all to save your love". She put her hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me and raise my hopes.
Two people meet though matrimonial site to fall in love. They owe to be together for the rest of their lives.......  But..... this love story stays incomplete, as its title reflects.
It sails us through the author's emotions in a poetic way which refrains us to wrap up the book anywhere before its completion. To be precise, it a poetic feel wrapped in a legendary love tale. Every moment is to be lived to the fullest- if you also are a person who loves your life, if life to you is a celebration, for those who laugh and cry and can live the moment with a book in your hand, then this is a novel meant for you. Thanks to my friend, who gifted it.

Once you complete reading the novel, you will feel as though you have been with Ravin during the narration, and may be you would browse net for that couple's picture...., just like i did.


gupta said...

Well written. this piece of writing may inspire a lot of people the read the original novel.

Giving free publicity to the author and the book. I suggest send him a copy of this and encash :)

Suprabha Nithin said...

Thank you Gupta.
Have sent him a copy of the same, now.